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ArmouRx is the first company to revolutionize safety eyewear by combining highly fashionable design and standardized protection for the workplace. The ArmouRx collection offers high quality craftsmanship and fashion-forward design in a line of safety eyewear that is both stylish and functional.

ArmouRx offers a range of unique collections to suit different styles and performance needs including Wrap-Rx, Metro, Classic, Basic and Titanium, along with a choice of permanent or removable side shields. Each frame is third-party tested to ensure it meets ANSI Z87 standards of safety and precision. Ladies frames are created with a smaller fit to cater to fashion-conscious women who still seek optimal protection and a comfortable fit.

ArmouRx is safety eyewear redefined. Did you know safety could look so good?

Check out how safe and fashionable eyewear come together at the ArmourRx website.

A Message to Our Patients

As your eye care provider, you can trust that we always take health and patient care seriously. The wellness of our patients, our staff, and our communities is the utmost importance to us.

We will reopen on Monday, April 6th for your eye care needs.
We will continue to reevaluate this timeline as circumstances change.

We will be answering our phones to help answer questions, to place contact lens orders, and to schedule your future appointments.

You can pickup your glasses and contact lenses by calling ahead.

Call Us at (713) 690-2020

We are all in this together and appreciate your understanding as we do our part during this challenging time. We look forward to serving your eye care and optical needs again very soon.

Dr. Virani and Staff